Thursday, 24 June 2021


GRIEVING the death of a spouse or significant other is a difficult moment such that negative attitudes and hurtful words from your rivals can make it even more difficult to cope.

Normally, one might be good at ignoring those negative comments, but not for Loice Nyamhingura from Sauerstown suburb in Bulawayo.

For her it was a painful attack when she lost her husband Isaac Nyamhingura and then his alleged mistress Tracey Matandamanyoro from Emakhandeni suburb sent her “raunchy” pictures of her and her late husband in bed, bragging that she was the one who last had sex with him during the last days of his life.

Loice, who felt Matandamanyoro committed the rudest thing during her time of grieving, last week approached the Bulawayo Civil Court and sued her for disturbing her peace and disrespecting her.

In her founding affidavit, for a peace order, Loice said after the death of her husband sometime in January this year, Matandamanyoro started insulting her while asking her how she was coping by sleeping alone at night knowing that her husband was no more forever.

“I am seeking a peace order against Tracey Matandamanyoro from Emakhandeni suburb. She was having an affair with my late husband Isaac Nyamhingura. I came to know of it sometime in July 2020 when she contacted me saying that she was Isaac’s wife and I should leave him alone,” said Loice.

She said she sternly charged her not to phone her, but a seemingly daring Matandamanyoro continued harassing her with phone calls and text messages.

“After the death of my husband in January 2021 she started insulting me while asking how I was sleeping at night knowing that my husband is no more. She also said that she was Isaac’s wife and he should have divorced me for her as I was abusing him when he was still alive. She also sends a picture of Isaac and her in bed claiming that she was the last one to sleep with him before he died.

“She appears to be a threat and dangerous to me and my children as she claims to know my younger son. I would like the law to stop her from contacting me as I am still grieving and trying to heal,” she begged presiding magistrate Nomagugu Sindisiwe Maphosa.

Matandamanyoro, apparently fearing the humiliation of a trial, didn’t come to court to defend her actions leading the magistrate to grant an order in Loice’s favour.

The magistrate ordered Matandamanyoro not to send messages to Loice or phone her as well as not to interfere with her son’s life. B Metro


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