Thursday, 24 June 2021


A Bulawayo couple’s marriage is allegedly on the brink of collapse after a five-year struggle to have children.

This came to light after the wife sensationally revealed that she often fights with her husband over saving money for In Vitro Fertilisation.

In vitro fertilisation is a process of fertilisation where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body.

Vitalis Ismail from Thorngrove suburb claimed that her husband Moideen Ebrahim Ismail squanders money they would have budgeted for IVF on alcohol.

Vitalis, who was seeking a protection order against her husband at the Bulawayo Civil Court, claimed that whenever she tried to reprimand him, he would turn violent. She said he had on several occasions threatened to kill her.

She said they once engaged their families to solve their marital problems to no avail.

“I ask him to stop drinking since we are trying to conceive and he threatens to kill me. He `once pointed a knife at me in connection with this issue. He is also verbally abusive as he calls me improper names in the presence of my son. He also insults me through WhatsApp messages whenever I communicate with him”.

She adds: “Respondent is also of violent disposition as he once broke windowpanes at our apartment after I tried locking him outside the house because of his threatening behaviour towards me. He once threatened to burn me inside our apartment after discovering that I was communicating with another man through WhatsApp. I fear that respondent could kill me since he has threatened to do so on numerous occasions. I also fear that he may damage my property”.

She went on to beg the court to stop her husband from verbally, physically, emotionally abusing her and going to her workplace.

Vitalis also requested the court to evict her husband from their house saying she was now living in fear of his abusive behaviour.

In response Moideen said he didn’t have problems with his wife’s request for a protection order. He however, accused her of cheating on him.

“I don’t have a problem that a protection order be granted in respect of verbal and physical abuse. I however, oppose the eviction order as we are legally married,” said Moideen.

In response the presiding magistrate Nomagugu Sindisiwe Maphosa granted the order which compels Moideen not to verbally, physically assault his wife or threaten her in any way. B Metro


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