Tuesday, 22 June 2021


GOODS worth thousands of dollars were burnt to ashes when a night club, butchery and restaurant caught fire at Mabelreign shopping Centre on Sunday night.

Electrical goods th
at included six television sets, chips frying machines, stoves, cooking utensils and furniture among others belonging to Ligi Night Club and Restaurant were burnt.

One of the electricians who refused to identify themselves suspected that one of the chips fryer was left on.

“Electricity power was yesterday cut and restored three times within some minutes that exposed most electrical gadgets to danger but on this incident we strongly suspect that the chips fryer was left on,” he said.

“The chips fryer shows that it was where fire started because it was severely burnt. “Switching off and on of electrical power mainly affect gadgets,” he said.

A number of onlookers had no kind words with Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority accusing them of endangering their electrical gadgets following the switching on and off power before the circulating of a video of the burning Ligi Night Club.

“ZESA ngaizivise vanhu nguva yekudzima nekubatidza magetsi kwete zvekungodzima dzima vachibatidza uye zvisina kuziviswa,” one of the onlookers was heard saying.

While some were lamenting for the burnt meat in the butchery some were wailing for the television sets where they used to view English soccer matches.

The bottle store and an area crafted for legends were spared from the fire while the butchery, smoking point and the restaurant were reduced to ashes. Police details were on ground recording statements from one of the managers. H Metro


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