Wednesday, 16 June 2021


POLYGAMOUS End Time Message Church pastor’s fifth wife is reported to have fled to a safe house over sexual and physical abuse in the hands of her husband.

Innocent Gumbura, who is married to Sarah Wendy Romol has been described as hostile, over-controlling, excessively violent, verbally abusive, belittling and manipulative person in a probation officer’s report to the magistrate court in a row over custody of four minor children which the former applied for.

“The respondent (Romol) alleges that she ran away from him (Gumbura) because the applicant was getting agitated by the fact she had stopped sexual relations with him and hence was increasingly threatening to take the children away, chase her out of the house and would not provide support for the children stating they would eat from school,” the report reads.

Romol says she had to look for a haven as she was always being threatened. “As a result respondent alleges that she fled as a result of excessive fear and trauma suffered from the threats, degradation and physical abuse by the applicant.”

The report has it that Gumbura would beat his children with his ‘big belt that he wore in his waist’ for asking for ‘yummy’ food which he would give elder girls in the family while the others were made to have sadza.

Gumbura has four other wives and 15 children. “. . . when angry he beats mummy and forces her throat in-between the head board panels or shouts at them. . .” the minor children said in the report.

Romol says she got into contact with Gumbura when her mother was sick and when she died they were left in Gumbura’s church’s custody.

All this came out after Gumbura approached Harare Children’s Court seeking custody of his four minor children born to his fifth wife Sarah Wendy Romol.

The Children’s Court therefore requested the department of Social Development for a probation officer’s report.

According to a Harare Central District probation officer Ms Gumbo, the case is expected to be heard today.

“The applicant stated that he separated with the respondent in 2018 after which, the respondent later on the 25th of February 2021, fled their matrimonial home in Hillside taking with her all their children,” reads part of the report signed by one Ms S Gumbo.

“He further stated that, he has not seen his children ever since and that he believes his wife and children are in some safe house provided by Msasa.

“On the other hand, the respondent concedes to the information provided and alleges that her marriage had its own problems hence the separation and eventual escape to safety in February 2921.

“Both families acknowledged that they were in a polygamous relationship which included four other families and 15 other siblings to the concerned children, reads part of the case background.

In his submission, Gumbura indicated that he was applying for custody because Romol had no mental, physical and financial capacity to take care of the children.

He alleged that she suffered from mental problems namely neurosis and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), ailments he alleged she once received attention at a local hospital.

Gumbo in her recommendation report she addressed the court to consider placing the four children in the custody of their mother Romol and Gumbura the father be given the right to access.

The case is expected to be heard today. H Metro


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