Sunday, 20 June 2021


Harare City Council will continue demolishing illegal structures around the city under an exercise meant to bring sanity to the capital.

Council yesterday razed stalls belonging to informal traders in Mbare. Illegal structures around Mupedzanhamo, Magaba Home Industry, Shawasha and Matapi Flats were all demolished.

The operation is set to continue today. Council spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme told The Sunday Mail that traders should relocate to designated areas.

“We assisted some traders in Mbare to remove their illegal structures today and the exercise will continue,” said Chideme.

“We will continue to assist them in all suburbs to remove their structures and they should go to the designated trading sites. All suburbs have empty spaces right now.”

Most traders ignored warnings from city authorities to dismantle their structures last week and were left counting their losses.

Police officers deployed to maintain order observed from a distance. Some rogue elements took advantage of the melee to loot wares that included used car parts, second-hand clothes and furniture.

“We have been empowering ourselves through trading, but as from now onwards we have nowhere to go,” said one woman who identified herself as Mai Tanaka, whose store was demolished.

“We are hoping Government will find something for us to do so that we can sustain ourselves. . .” She said council should relocate all affected traders to designated areas. Sunday Mail





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