Thursday, 3 June 2021


A COUPLE stands accused of duping their church member of more than US$11 000.

Elvis Chigazira and his wife Tafadzwa Chibare are alleged to have duped their fellow church member Pervia Chigwida of US$11700 in deal to import cement from a neighbouring country.

Chigwida and her brother Talent Lungu posted the couple’s wedding photograph on social media and UFI church group appealing for anyone who may have knowledge of where they could be found.

The two were further alleged to have changed their contact numbers and have been ignoring Chigwida’s calls. Chibare confirmed to H-Metro her differences with Chigwida over money saying the latter has been their business partner, who is now blackmailing them and their company.

“Pervia and her brother Talent are blackmailing us on social media and misinforming people about the correct facts,” said Chibare.

“Pervia has been our business partner and is now based in Botswana. She is posting falsehoods on social media that we are not answering calls and nowhere to be found in her effort to blackmail my husband and I.

“We are not in hiding or not answering calls as alleged. Pervia was aware of our deal to import cement from a neighbouring country and the agent of that country failed to supply our full order.

“We lodged a police report against the agent and docket was opened at Chirundu Border Post and Pervia is aware of that. We have both been duped by the agent who failed to supply all our orders not what Chigwida wants people to believe.

“Pervia’s money is US$5000 not US$11700 she posted on social media. Her reason to tarnish our image is best known to her and her brother and we have no option other than taking a legal action against them.

“Our lawyer is now working on the matter and we will be guided accordingly,” said Chibare.  

Contacted for comment Lungu said he had been receiving several calls from individuals and some claiming to be journalists over his post.

“I am no longer comfortable to answer questions because I have been receiving calls from several people among them claiming to be journalists,” said Lungu.

“I have decided not to respond to any of the questions pertaining to the matter posted on social media until I meet each one of the people concerned and claiming to be journalists,” said Lungu.

Lungu posted a message appealing to anyone who may have information about the couple’s whereabouts.

Chigwida could not be reached for comment. However, her message on social media also appeals for information that may lead to location of the couple. H Metro



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