Sunday, 27 June 2021


OPPOSITION MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday described Zimbabweans as “a sad people” that are struggling to get basic services everyday.

Chamisa called on government to embrace smart policies in order to deal with the issuance of identity documents and passports in the country.

There were chaotic scenes in different parts of the country at the weekend after thousands of people, including students who are “O” and “A” Level candidates, converged at Central Registry offices in search of identity cards in vain.

“Zimbabwe must be online, not in lines. It is a crisis and as it stands, Zimbabweans are homeless because of the demolitions, they are jobless, identity-less, happy-less and it really pains me,” Chamisa said in a statement.

“They are things that can be achieved, but we are dealing with people who are heartless. There is a shortage of everything and it is a manifestation of absent leadership.” He said queuing for identity documents was an embarrassment to the children and the country.

“In normal countries, opportunities will look for you. The only opportunity in Zimbabwe now is the opportunity to be poor. Everything is a negative story and who is the author of that negativity? It’s the government. In other countries, there are rogue elements like terrorists who are the authors of negativity, but in Zimbabwe, it is the government. Everything is a struggle in Zimbabwe. You must not struggle to be happy,” Chamisa said.

“It’s not only the youths who are unhappy with what is happening. The elderly people are also the most disgruntled. They lost their pensions, their life savings and investments to this government.” Newsday


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