Saturday, 8 May 2021


ECCENTRIC best describes prophet Black Elisha, who has over the past two years become somewhat of a Christian celebrity.

The Bulawayo-based prophet who is the founder and leader of Christ Life Generation Church, is best known for his unapologetic stance against cheating spouses, where he vehemently declared war on them and came up with a “spiritual padlock” to prevent partners from cheating.

From healing the sick to partnering with sports personalities, Black Elisha continues to expand his area of influence and is now set to release a book titled Why are most Christians BROKE, where he attempts to balance Christianity and work.

“Christians don’t follow biblical principles and they should be taught about how to manage their finances as well as investing,” he said.

Black Elisha said the book is expected to be published at the end of this month, adding that he hopes that Christians will take advantage of the book to understand church and work.

“There’re a lot of prayer warriors, people who attend church and are always at the forefront of Christian-related events but are broke.

People have to understand that in order for your life to move, you have to work as well, it’s all about balancing the equation.

“Many people come to seek spiritual intervention when it comes to wealth, but you find out that they don’t work or bother to find jobs. This is what I seek to get people to understand through this book,” said Black Elisha.

He said it took him a year to write the book. “I was inspired by the fact that you hardly find rich people in church as it is usually dominated by middle and lower-income people. If you’re broke or poor, it’s not anyone or the Government’s problem, but your poor management.

“The book will teach not only Christians but every citizen on how to manage their finances, lifestyle and business interests,” said Black Elisha. The book delves into biblical scriptures to explain many things.

“It’s pathetic to see how most Christians are broke compared to non-believers. The book will not only talk about why Christians are broke, but will also explain what should be done to ensure a steady income, wealth and success.” Chronicle


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