Saturday, 22 May 2021


A RACIAL storm is brewing at Old Nic Mine in Killarney suburb, Bulawayo, with black employees accusing their white South African managers of racially abusing them, among other unfair labour practices.

The Southern Eye heard that cases of victimisation, threats of retrenchments or dismissals were on the rise at the mine.

Employees cited South African nationals Andries Bredenkamp and Gina Rothner, chief executive officer and chief operations officer of stoking the racial tensions.

“We have reported our problems but it seems you are ignoring us,” read a letter of complaint addressed to the company’s managing director Mark Hughes.

“These people are given positions on the mine and we do not want them. “They shout racially abusive language at people and we wonder why we are being treated like dogs in our own country.”

The aggrieved workers added: “We as Old Nic Mine employees are writing this letter to let you know we are tired of Bredenkamp (CEO) and Rothner (COO).

“They came as consultants but they have only caused problems; they promised to push up production but we are not going anywhere. “They have instilled fear on employees, causing confusion within the labour force.

“They give instructions to grade 1 employees and this causes conflicts with supervisors and management.”

Both Hughes and Sethi Nyazenga, the company secretary acknowledged that the matter was being investigated.

“We are doing an investigation on that. “I have no further comments,” Hughes said. Newsday


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