Thursday, 6 May 2021


TOCKY VIBES has revealed that ExQ’s camp has engaged him for a ‘round-table’ following a fallout over their hit collaboration, Wakatemba, which was taken down by YouTube.

­ The audio and video versions to the single were taken down after a copyright claim by Tocky Vibes.

Speaking to H-Metro on Monday, the singer said ExQ’s camp failed to honour a verbal agreement they entered before recording the song and they had no option, but have the content removed.

Tocky said they had agreed that ExQ would return the favour by featuring on his song, but he became evasive.

“The good thing is they have engaged us and we are now talking, but I think I need to explain to fans so that they know why the song was taken down on YouTube.

“When ExQ engaged me to feature on the song (Wakatemba) we agreed that he would also feature on my song on a later date. It was a verbal agreement because it was going to be difficult for us to share royalties of a song on one’s channel.

“So when I felt it was the time to do the song and I engaged him he was evasive. He would give excuses and sometimes ignore my calls and messages. We tried everything to engage them, but they were not forthcoming and we felt they were no longer interested, so we had no option, but to take that route. My management had to remove the video,” said Tocky Vibes.

He said it was unfortunate they had to take this route, which has also affected their fans.

“It’s unfortunate. I never expected that it would go this way. We have affected our fans in the process by just failing to be honest. I want to apologise to the fans, I promise that the song will be back on the internet because ExQ’s team has reached out.

“So we are going to do a song and my team will rescind copyright claims. What is important at the moment is that we are reading from the same page.

“It seems they are no longer busy as before. They promised to spare time so that we record the song. ExQ even said he has an idea that would make a good song, but I am not worried if the song is going to be a hit or not, what I want is to have our agreement fulfilled,” Tocky Vibes told H-Metro.

He said, as celebrities, they should lead exemplary lives and not be involved in fights that can be avoided. 

“­ is could have been avoided and it’s sad that as celebrities we make headlines over such issues. We should be role models and it doesn’t make sense when we accuse each other of dishonesty. We have been dishonest to our fans as well because the song was removed on the internet,” added the chanter. 

Chamakuvangu, as the singer is also known, also spoke on his fashion sense that recently took social media by storm.

“It’s part of art; you need that distinction. It’s not only music that makes an artiste trend or give him or her the limelight, you need to do everything that grabs the attention of the public,” he said.

His dressing saw fans coming up with a meme asking him to forgive ‘the nation’ if they wronged him.

“I saw the meme, people asking for forgiveness. Unfortunately, it is not going to end. Tocky Vibes is an African man for real and I will continue showcasing such outfits, which somehow define our culture,” he said. H Metro


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