Friday, 7 May 2021


A MAN has been arrested for fondling the private parts of three men he was detained with at Bulawayo Central Police Station.

A source said last week on Sunday at around 10pm, Xolisani Mabhena (29), Mthokozisi Ndlovu (30), Ernest Emmanuel (33) and Tapiwa Makuyana, were arrested for violating Covid-19 regulations and they were detained at Bulawayo Central Police Station cells.

While they were in the cells, at around 11.30pm Mthokozisi went to the toilet to relieve himself. Xolisani allegedly followed him and grabbed his manhood.

“He screamed for help and after that Mthokozisi reverted to the cell and got into his blankets,” said a source close to investigations.

At around 3.00am, Xolisani allegedly approached Emmanuel while he was asleep and opened his trousers’ zip and started to caress his manhood.

“He woke up and shouted at him. He then pushed him away and he shamelessly walked away and slept,” said the privy source.

After a few minutes it is alleged Xolisani woke up from where he was sleeping and went to Tapiwa, who was sleeping just a few metres away from him.

“He opened Tapiwa’s trousers’ zip and fondled his testicles. Tapiwa woke up and asked him why he was doing that, but he couldn’t respond and pretended as if he was sleeping,” said the source.

On the same day at midday, the three teamed up and reported Xolisani for indecent assault.

He was arrested. Bulawayo deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident: “I can confirm that we arrested a man for indecent assault after he touched three men’s genitals. The suspect and the complainants had been arrested for violating Covid-19 regulations.”

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