Monday, 17 May 2021


Zanu PF central committee member Isau Mupfumi has warned Dangamvura-Chikanga electorate against voting for poor opposition candidates in the parliamentary by-election whose date has not yet been set.

The rich businessman with interests in the passenger transport business said this at the sidelines of a free health services programme which was held at Dangamvura Poly Clinic recently.

Mupfumi will be Zanu PF’s candidate for the seat which fell vacant after Prosper Mutseyami was recalled from parliament by Douglas Mwonzora’s fringe MDC-T party.

He chided Dangamvura-Chikanga voters for supporting candidates who are penniless, urging them to vote for people who are well-up so as to lessen corruption tendencies.

"It does not make sense for you to vote for someone who is broke. We are losing it by voting for people of who get into politics eyeing for employment opportunities," he said.

Mupfumi decried that the constituency had ‘always’ voted for ‘corrupt’ opposition candidates, saying what was needed was a leader with proper management skills.

"I have said this over and over again but people do not learn as they continue to vote for corrupt people back into power,” Mupfumi said.

The businessman has since stepped up efforts to campaign for the by-election by embarking on a number of projects like buying gold claims for all the wards at Redwing Mine, bankrolling a sports tournament for youths, cellphone repair training and cake production training for women.

He said people must be able to read between the lines and realise that opposition politics does not work.

"Opposition parties will never foster any development in our communities. Development can only be fostered through the ruling party which has got the people at heart. The opposition has got a poor mentality of making life difficult for people so that they can revolt against the ruling government,” said Mupfumi.

He accused the opposition dominated Mutare City Council of being inconsiderate to the plight of poor residents and rate payers. "The rates they are charging are not affordable. Whenever council charges high rates, many people will fail to pay their bills. Council must charge rates that resonate with the quality of services it provides,” he said. TellZim News


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