Friday, 14 May 2021


BHEKUSIZI Khulekani Moyo whose name literally means face the grief seems to be certainly facing trouble in his marriage because his wife Thandolwenkosi Ngwenya locks their children in the house and goes to sleep at her secret lover’s place.

Moyo and Ngwenya have been married for seven years and their marriage had been a sweet union until it took a sudden U-turn when Moyo discovered last month that his wife was in a secret sexual affair with another man.

When Moyo goes on night shift his wife would lock the children inside the house and go to sleep at her boyfriend’s place. Even during daytime Ngwenya would lock the children in the house and go to her lover.

Moyo received a tip-off from a neighbour who informed him about the doings of his wife.

Sometime in March, Moyo left for work and returned at around 10pm and got the shock of his life to find his children alone locked inside the house.

Ngwenya returned the following day in the morning. When her husband questioned her on why she left the children alone she fumed and hurled insults at him. Moyo tried to sit her down but his efforts were in vain.

He then chucked her out of their matrimonial house, but she keeps coming back. Moyo had to apply for a protection order.

“I’m applying for a protection order against my wife Thandolwenkosi Ngwenya. We have been married for seven years. Our marriage was a blissful affair until my wife started cheating on me as she fell in love with another man and she would lock the children in the house and go to sleep at her lover’s place. A month ago I received a tip-off that she leaves our children alone during the night while I would be at work and I had to return from work during the night and found the children alone,” he said.

He added: “I have tried to reason with her, but she becomes violent and insults me saying I’m a useless man who is failing to adequately fend for the children. I therefore apply for a protection order against her and I no longer want her at our home.”

Ngwenya said: “Each time he came drunk he would beat me and that is why from time to time I would desert to seek refuge at my parent’s place because I wanted to avoid suffering from depression.”

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted both parties a reciprocal protection order which compels Moyo and Ngwenya to live in harmony with each other. Ngwenya was ordered to refrain from insulting her husband and never to leave their children alone. Moyo was ordered to stop beating his wife. B Metro


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