Monday, 17 May 2021


 A Chitungwiza man has been sentenced to an effective 22 years in jail for taking turns to rape his daughter’s two friends aged nine and 11 years at knife point, in full view of a four-year-old girl he indecently assaulted later on.

Richaman Coffee (47) of Unit M, Chitungwiza, gave the children US$1 and $15 to each and promised to buy them cell phones, and delivered one cell phone to the four-year-old so as to buy their silence.

He was initially sentenced to a total of 30 years when he appeared before Chitungwiza regional magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa, charged with two counts of rape and another charge of indecent assault, but eight years of the sentence were set aside for five years on condition he does not commit a similar offence.

Ms Trinity Nyandebvu, appearing for the State, proved that on January 26, at around midday, the three girls visited Coffee’s house with intentions to see their friend, who is Coffee’s daughter.

Coffee told the three girls that his daughter was not at home since she had travelled to their rural areas in Chihota with his wife. But he asked the three girls to do the dishes and sweep the house on his behalf, before they went back home.

When the three entered his bedroom, Coffee followed them, locked the door, fetched a knife and threatened to kill them. He then took turns to rape the nine and 11-year old girls while the other watched and then indecently assaulted the four-year-old.

In a bid to have them conceal the sexual assaults, the court heard that Coffee gave US$1 and $15 to each of the girls and promised to buy them cellphones. In fulfilling his promise, Coffee bought a cell phone and gave it to the four-year-old.

On January 27, the four-year-old was spotted by her mother using the cell phone and she quizzed her on where she had obtained it. That is when she revealed the indecent assault at the hands of Coffee, resulting in the matter being taken to police, leading to his arrest. Herald


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