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 DOES having many sexual partners mark out a man as great in bed?

A man from Kensington plots on the outskirts of Bulawayo left a court reeling in shock after he allegedly boasted that he was a tiger in bed.

While many relationships are breaking up because of lack of fun in bed, Misheck Mlambo is apparently a man who knows his story between the sheets if his bragging is anything to go by.

He boasted that he has many sexual partners and is popularly known as Six in his area because on a good day he can poke half a dozen women.

The tall slim ‘poker’, Mlambo, however, refused to share his secret weapon or even what he drinks to make him “service” six women, some of them married, on a daily basis.

As a serial poker, Mlambo however, seems to have a weakness of being violent when dumped. Two women, one of them married, who dumped him fearing that he could not fully accommodate them since he has multiple sexual partners sued him for harassing them.

In their separate applications at the Bulawayo Civil Court Simeleni Moyo and Siphilisiwe Ndlovu both from Kensington plots claimed the love-rat Mlambo was physically harassing them as punishment for dumping him.

In her application Ndlovu said Mlambo turned violent after she dumped him for having many sexual partners.

“Misheck Mlambo is my ex-lover. We have been in a relationship for three weeks and we broke up after I discovered that he has a lot of women and he does not work. He didn’t do anything for me and that’s why I ended up terminating the relationship. He is now in the habit of coming to my house to assault me. The other day he came to my house at night and harassed my grandchildren. He is always threatening to beat me up because I dumped him,” said Moyo.

She said she was now living in fear of Mlambo hence her decision to rush to court to apply for a protection order so that he can be stopped from harassing her and coming to her place.

Ndlovu in her papers also stated that Mlambo was in the habit of coming to her house to harass her.

“I was in a relationship with Misheck Mlambo and we have since separated but he is refusing to accept that our relationship is over. He is always coming to my place without my consent. I don’t want him to come to my place because I’m married.

“The other day he came and found me alone and asked for water and I gave him. He then demanded to talk to me and I refused since my husband was about to come back from work. He forcibly came into my house and beat me up,” said Ndlovu.

She adds: “After that he then ordered me to follow him and I refused as he had injured me and I was also bleeding. At that very moment my husband arrived and he asked me what had happened. I, however, didn’t tell him the truth since I didn’t want him to know that I was in a relationship with Misheck. I want the court to protect me by granting an order that compels him to stay away from me.”

In response Mlambo caused a rumpus in court when he boasted that he was a tiger in bed.

“We were in a relationship and she (Simeleni Moyo) knew I had many wives. Where I stay, they call me Six because I have many wives and I can entertain six women per day. She also dates many men who visit her at night and that was the source of our misunderstanding,” said Mlambo.

Turning to Ndlovu’s accusations, Mlambo said: “Yes, I was in a relationship with her and it ended after we fought. If she wants me to stay away from her, I will do that.”

A seemingly annoyed presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube charged Mlambo to stay away from Moyo and Ndlovu saying he should not be “jealous” of them since he had many women who were entertaining him. B Metro


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