Friday, 28 May 2021


Former Iyasa frontline dancer Lethokuhle “Letty” Ncube who made headlines last week after her pornographic pictures and a video surfaced on social media, claims the explicit content was leaked by “jealous” people.

On Friday 21 May, social media users were treated to seductive pictures and a video of the award-winning dancer naked playing with her punani using a dildo.

B-Metro can report that the explicit content was generated from porn site where Leticia trades with the porn moniker “Sexylinda”.

Stripchat is an internationally acclaimed adult website and social network which features free live-streaming webcam performances with participants doing sexual activities online.

Participants get paid through the number of streams, views and tips from those watching from the terraces.

On a nine-minute WhatsApp interview with this reporter, Leticia who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, claimed her pornographic material was leaked by people who were jealous of her success.

“People are trying to destroy me with this. Honestly, it was not my intention for my private life to be known to the public.

“I know the person who is doing all this, he is close to me and jealousy pushed the person to publish those images because I am doing good in my life,” said Leticia.

She went on: “Everything happens for a reason and such things will come to pass. I had my own reasons for playing with my punani and it must bother no one. If abantu belenkinga abadlalise into zabo (if people have problems, they must play with their own private parts).

“You can go ahead and publish this. This is exactly what the person who leaked the video wanted,” said Leticia.

After having done some investigations into the matter at hand, B-Metro can reveal that Leticia was referring to Moreblessing “Sweet Mobby” Khumalo and Samantha “Samza” Mazibisa as her “enemies”.

Sweet Mobby, who featured Leticia on her song Tshiya Something, said her relationship with the Cowdray Park dance queen soured way back before the pictures and video leaked. 

“I know Leticia because we are both musicians and we did a song together titled Tshiya Something, but for some reasons I don’t want to mention to the paper, our relationship was already water under the bridge by the time her video leaked.

“She has been accusing me of exposing her but I distance myself from that because I know I didn’t do such; she must deal with her demons and stop dragging other people over her bad decisions,” said Sweet Mobby.

The second accused Samza, told B-Metro that Leticia was a “toddler’ to her and she was surprised that she was accusing and threatening her for leaking the explicit material.

“ULeticia ngunana (she is a toddler), it took me by surprise that I am one of the accused in her matter because honestly I didn’t have a relationship with her.

“I just knew her from Iyasa as a dancer and it stops there,” said Samza.

She continued: “She (Leticia) confronted me on my WhatsApp and started poking her nose into my business. I source clothes from China, so she came as a client only to diss my business.

“I think the argument we had about my products coincided with her video leaking because it (argument) happened about a week before her videos leaked.

“I am not a person who suppresses other women. It’s not my nature to do such derogatory acts (leaking porn) to someone of my gender.

“If her boat is sinking, she must never drag me into it,” said Samza. Reached for a comment, Leticia did not pick up multiple calls by the time the story went for publication.

Iyasa has since distanced themselves from the Leticia saga and said she was no longer part of the globetrotting ensemble. B Metro


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