Saturday, 1 May 2021


GOVERNMENT will table a fresh salary increment offer for civil servants before the end of this month, making good on its promise to further review public sector earnings and follow up on last month’s increment.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail last week, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima said consultations are going on within Government to decide on the amount to be offered to civil servants.

This comes after the Government and its employees failed to reach consensus on the former’s offer of a staggered 75 percent increment starting with a payout of 25 percent.

Despite the deadlock, Government last month moved to effect a 25 percent increment, while negotiations continue after the employer offered a further 50 percent that would be effected in June.

“It has always been our position to continue improving salaries for our workers and soon, hopefully within this month, we will make another offer,” Prof Mavima said.

“From the Government side we have another window for negotiations, we are consulting and as I said we will then go back to civil servants and offer them what we would have agreed in Government.”

He warned absent teachers that there was no need for them to engage in industrial action while talks are going on.

A number of defiant teachers, who are siding with unions that are pursuing a political agenda, have not been reporting for duty, claiming incapacitation.

Prof Mavima reiterated Government’s position that teachers who are not reporting for duty risk losing their salaries in line with the “no work, no pay” policy declared by Cabinet.

“We have said they will be no pay for those who are not going to work,” he said. “We have shown commitment to improve salaries and there is no need to strike because we are actively in negotiations.”

In his Workers’ Day message yesterday, Public Service Commission Secretary Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe said Government salutes the workers of Zimbabwe for their fortitude in the face of Covid-19 and will not let up on improving their conditions of service.

“The commission greatly appreciates the patriotism, dedication and commitment exhibited by Government workers and has every confidence that this approach to the delivery of service will accelerate the country’s pace as we strive to realise the aspirations of Vision 2030,” he said.

“Government for its part is missing no opportunity to improve conditions of service for its workers even as we all contend with the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As capacity improves, the Government will do its best to address the needs of workers and is pleased with the activeness of the initiatives it has taken to cushion the workforce from the cost of basic goods and services.” Ambassador Wutawunashe said it was gratifying that Government’s measures to reduce inflation continue to register laudable results.

He said better days lie ahead for workers as the country continues to implement the National Development Strategy (NDS 1) blueprint to grow the economy.“We are cognisant of the fact that the Covid-19 induced economic slowdown has seen workers facing severe challenges relating to loss of employment, reduced working hours and the erosion of incomes. Painful as it maybe, this predicament cannot be ameliorated by adopting an adversarial approach but instead requires us to work together as Government, business and workers.

“The achievement of sustainable economic growth and development as enunciated in the NDS 1 would be much easier if social partners work towards a common vision.” Sunday Mail


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