Saturday, 10 April 2021


POLICE in Bulawayo have launched a manhunt for a suspected robbery suspect, who escaped from the holding cells at Western Commonage Courts at the weekend. 

Provincial police spokesperson Abednico Ncube said they are appealing for information that would lead to the arrest of Mandlakayise Ncube.

Mandlakayise allegedly made his escape with the help of his brother, Cylivestar, who has since been arrested and charged with obstructing the course of justice.

“Circumstances are that Cylivestar was one of the relatives who attended a court hearing of the escapee, Mandlakayise, who is a suspect in a robbery case.

“The escapee was remanded in custody. While the prison officers were escorting the prisoners to the holding cell at Western Commonage Courts, the escapee bolted out of the court after he had removed the leg irons used to cuff him. The prison officers tried to give chase, but he disappeared,” Ncube said.

When prison officers made a follow up to the address Mandlakayise had provided, they could not find him.

“The prison officers searched the house and found Cylivestar. After questioning him, he revealed that he had assisted his brother to escape by taking him from a certain house in Mpopoma to an unknown destination,” Ncube added.

Meanwhile, in a twist of events, Cylivestar’s lawyer, Marygold Sibanda, has claimed that her client was severely assaulted by the prison officers before he was arrested.

“They assaulted him (Cylivestar) from midnight until 5am. They were very careful not to hit him in the face, they beat him around his body and feet, one toe has been bleeding ever since,” Sibanda said. Daily News


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