Friday, 16 April 2021


A RECALLED Member of Parliament has turned to illegal transporting of people from a high-density suburb to the central business district using her Toyota Prado.

Susan Matsunga of Mufakose, however, sees no problem in that amid suspicion it is a deliberate decision to wear down the vehicle.

The Prado is currently subject of a High Court application by Parliament of Zimbabwe with the august house seeking to recover vehicles from all the MPs who were recalled from parly way before the end of their terms.

Matsunga has also turned to food vending and operating at her mother’s house in Mufakose where she also resides and has engaged a sister’s son to use her vehicle in transporting people and food into town.

H-Metro hotline number was inundated with calls from Mufakose residents demanding to know the person behind the big wheel they said is picking and dropping commuters in high speed risking their lives.

Most of Mufakose residents who spoke to H-Metro shared concern on the recklessness of the driving, which endangered other motorists and pedestrians in the high-density suburb.

On the issue of pirating and charging US$1, a majority felt it was a choice by both the former MP and the passengers.

Matsunga confirmed to H-Metro that the vehicle is in her name and she has assigned her relative in the illegal business arguing that she lost her job.

“Arron mota ndeyangu irimuzita rangu uye ikafa ndini ndinotenga maspare parts acho kwete vanhu varikurwadziwa nekuiwona ichitakura,” said Matsunga.

“Who does not know that I lost my job and I want to believe that such people never gave me their votes during elections and will die hating my success.

“That car is being driven by one of my sisters’ sons I assigned to ferry food from my mother’s house and distribute to my clients in town.

“Ndakuita zvekubika sadza saka mota iyoyo inenge yakatakura sadza saka mwana haarege kutakura vanhu achipihwa madollars ekutengesawo fuel.

“I used to provide free transport to Mufakose folks before being ejected from Parliament but no one came to stand with me when I lost my job.

“I never relocated from Mufakose when I was voted into Parliament and this is where I am still staying but people are taking my issue to media because they want to see me begging.

“It was best for those complaining to have approached me over the issue other than taking it to media as if they do not ferry commuters when they drive their vehicles to wherever they go,” said Matsunga. H Metro


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