Friday, 9 April 2021


A POLYGAMOUS COP ran berserk and dragged one of his wives out of his car before pummelling her with fists and kicking her all over the body after she refused to accompany him to his first wife.

According to a source the dramatic incident that lasted about 10 minutes happened in Bulawayo at Ross Camp last week on Sunday.

Constable Ashely Gahadza (27) has two wives – the first wife who stays at Ross Camp – and Lillian Moyo (33) who stays at Capri Hostel in the city centre. A source close to Gahadza said Lillian went to Traffic West to pick up Gahadza.

“She picked Gahadza from Traffic West where he is currently stationed. Her intention was that they go straight to her flat in town, but along the way Gahadza asked that they pass by her first wife’s place at Ross Camp. But she queried that and got angry over that,” said a source close to Gahadza.

Gahadza insisted that they pass by and she eventually gave in and drove there, said the source.

“They continued quarrelling over the issue and at the height of it Gahadza grabbed her and dragged her out of the car. He punched Lillian with fists all over the body. And also kicked her leaving her bleeding from the mouth and with a swollen face. She also sustained some bruises on the left knee and elbows,” said the source.

The bleeding Lillian picked herself up and went to report the matter at Mzilikazi Police Station.

Efforts to get a comment from Bulawayo police spokesperson were fruitless. B Metro


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