Friday, 2 April 2021


A PROPHET and a Mount Darwin woman recently turned a place of prayer into a war zone as they traded harsh words and cursed each other.

Madzibaba Tendai Manhangwe of Ushewekunze in Budiriro, accompanied by his wife Madzimai Grace Makuvaza of Mt Darwin, traded harsh words with Susan Hore over Hore’s daughter Yolanda Musa (21), who is said to have left home over a year ago to stay at the shrine.

Hore had been looking for her daughter for almost a year. There was a melee during which Madzibaba Manhangwe cursed Hore and her brother by drawing a cross in the shrine’s soil using his walking stick in front of H-Metro.

This infuriated Hore who scooped soil from the shrine, while also swearing that they were going to follow with her daughter to Mt Darwin. Yolanda Muza, 21 denying to go away from Madzibaba Tendai Manhangwe shrine

On Sunday, Hore was allegedly tipped by neighbours that her daughter was often seen fetching firewood in bushes around Ushewekunze residential suburb in Harare.

Hore confronted Madzibaba and was chased away, only to return in the company of her brother and other men.

“Madzibaba, I have come to collect my child. I told Yolanda to come with me, but she is refusing. She is saying you are helping her and everything does not need my presence.

“Why were you hiding my child from me? Why? Without even informing your relatives about your whereabouts, why Yolanda?” asked Hore.

She further questioned why Madzibaba was staying with her child without her knowledge. Hore said Madzibaba was saying Yolanda needed spiritual help as there were people manifesting on her.

Madzibaba and Madzimai Grace Makuvaza said they were only helping Yolanda. “We were just helping Yolanda who is having stomach problems,” said Madzibaba.

Yolanda vowed not to leave, saying she got help from Madzibaba when she was having stomach problems.

“What happens back home is not okay with my beliefs and I am now 21-years-old; I have my rights and beliefs I ought to follow.

“I cannot go back and stay with my mother because she stays with prostitutes who are my sisters and other children she stays with; vanoita ma boyfriend’s akawandisa,” Yolanda alleged.

However, Hore said Yolanda’s sister was married and her bride price had been paid. “Many were afraid of him saying he was a fighter and I then promised them that he will never ever fight me. I am going to take back my daughter,” she said.

H-Metro asked Hore why she collected soil from Madzibaba’s shrine and she said: “Nditori munzwi wedenga akasimba, zvine kunamata kwandinoita inini,” she declared. H Metro


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