Saturday, 10 April 2021


A gang of about five robbers armed with machetes, axes, iron bars and knobkerries allegedly pounced on former Mbizo legislator, Cde Vongaiishe Mupereri’s house in Golden Acres in Kwekwe where they got away with cash, mobile phones and other electrical gadgets.

The robbers pounced on the house last Tuesday at about 9am after Cde Mupereri, a businessman with interests in mining had gone out. The robbers entered the yard through the gate after they rang the alarm, before they harassed Cde Mupereri’s wife and children demanding money and gold. They got away with US$500 and nine mobile phones and other gadgets including an iPad. Although police could not be readily reached for comment, Cde Mupereri confirmed the incident.

“I received a call from one of my daughters who was in her bedroom conducting online lessons when the robbers pounced. She is the one who managed to call me because they were yet to see her. I then drove back to Kwekwe and upon arrival at home the robbers had already left,” said Cde Mupereri.

Before he left Gweru rushing back home, he called one of his aides, Mr Passmore Toverai who had a brush with the robbers when he rushed to the scene.

“When he (Cde Mupereri) called me, I then called my cousin Nomore Siritara and a neighbour and we rushed to the house. Upon arrival, we left the car outside and entered the yard, and as expected, there was dead silence,” narrated Mr Toverai.

As they continued to try and find out what was behind the silence, some of the robbers quickly grabbed Siritara and attacked him with machetes.

“As soon as I saw what was happening, I took to my heels and jumped into the car and sped off. I went straight to the police and when we returned the thieves had already vanished,” he said.

Cde Mupereri’s eldest son, Mr Corny Mupereri, who was also beaten up by the robbers said he is the one who went to the gate when he heard the gate alarm ring.

“Upon opening the gate, they quickly grabbed me and dragged me into the house. They then tied us with ropes and electric cables. They started beating us up with a log all over body as well as under the feet asking for gold and money,” he said.

Mr Ngonidzashe Mukucha, a landscaper at Cde Mpereri’s house was also attacked with machetes as he tried to fight off the robbers. The incident comes as cases of armed robberies are on the increase in the mining town. Sunday News


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