Friday, 30 April 2021


PROPHET Shepherd Bushiri has, once again, found himself in the limelight. This time, he’s being haunted by his own prophecy from five years ago.

During the prophecy that was captured on video and dated 6 November 2016, Bushiri prophesied that presidential candidate Daniel Edah would be the next president of the Republic of Benin.

He said if his prophecy did not come true, then people could stone and declare him a fake prophet.

“Everyone, write it down. If this prophecy does not happen, I am a fake prophet; come and stone me. I am seeing you as a president. I am saying this in front of everyone.

“The whole world is watching this prophecy so that when it comes to pass, they will know it is not man’s doing. You will be president of the Republic of Benin,” said Bushiri.

He also used some mixture on Edah while he was kneeling. If I don’t anoint this man, they will steal the elections.” Bushiri even went as far as addressing him as Mr President.

But the prophecy did not come true. This after Benin recently held its election, and Edah did not win as he dropped out of the race.

He had campaigned as “the candidate of God”. But his race was cut short after he allegedly failed to get the required number of sponsors necessary for the contention, and was officially dropped.

This not the first time Bushiri’s prophecy did not come true. In 2019, he said 2020 would be a good year, but the world was hit by Covid-19.

Daily Sun sent the video to Bushiri’s spokesman, who did not respond. Daily Sun


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