Friday, 30 April 2021


A Nyanga man gruesomely murdered his brother following a dispute over pieces of gold. 

The siblings — Samuel (27) and Simudzai Sokiri (31) — could not agree on how to share the two grammes of gold they had panned in Nyamutongere, Mozambique.  The murder occurred in Chimusasa Village under Chief Katerere.

Samuel vanished soon after committing the heinous crime and is still at large. “Samuel, Simudzai and their friends — Aloise Nyamatanga and Freddy Mukonowamwere — were drinking beer at Chimusasa Business Centre when an altercation ensued between the two brothers. They started fighting and Samuel hit Simudzai.

“The latter fell to the ground and lost consciousness. The other three men left him there and proceeded home.  “Kembo Chimusasa later saw Simudzai and took him home. Unfortunately, he died the same night.

“We are appealing to members of the public with information leading to Samuel’s arrest to contact their nearest police station,” said Insp Chananda. Manica Post


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