Thursday, 25 March 2021


WARRIORS manager Wellington Mpandare has cleared the air surrounding how the team travelled for the 2021 Afcon penultimate round qualifier against Botswana which is on this evening.

The squad flew via Johannesburg before connecting to Francistown yesterday. They had some delays at the Francistown International Airport where they did rapid tests for Covid-19 to which they came out with a clean bill.

As a result, the squad only arrived at their hotel at exactly 10:54pm. However, there are concerns which have raised debate about why the Warriors didn’t take some alternative route.

“Firstly, the Warriors didn’t take any stretch of the route by road save from the Harare hotel we were to the Robert Mugabe International Airport and from Francistown International Airport to the hotel,” said Mpandare.

“Just to clear the misinformation that we were to travel by road from Gaborone to Francistown, let me put the record straight.

“In terms of CAF rules, if the distance between the airport and the venue of the match is superior to 200 kilometers, the host association shall provide the visitors with an airplane transport to the venue of the match.

“So even if we had connected to Gaborone from Johannesburg, there was no way we could have traveled by road for over 400 kilometers as that would be a breach of the CAF regulations.

“In any case, the trip was organised back in February. It was the best available option given the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.” Herald


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