Saturday, 6 March 2021


THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has reiterated that parents should be involved in the pegging of school fees before headmasters seek consent from Government for any increase.

The Ministry wants proof that the proposed fees structures submitted for approval by schools would have been agreed by at least 50 percent of the parents at the school. Physical learning in schools resumes on 15 March for examination classes and on 22 March for non-examination classes.

Officials said once parents approve the fees proposals, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education will also assess the source of income of parents and guardians so as to ensure the fees are realistic and justified.

Director of Communications in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Ministry Mr Taungana Ndoro said each school shall present its budget to the ministry for approval with a proof of consent from the parents so that the ministry will assess the validity or lack thereof. Mr Ndoro said Government will not have an umbrella structure on school fees but will assess the proposal on a case-by-case basis.

“We have not given schools a fixed fees structure. We are going to deal with the school fees increment on a case-by-case basis. We have said that schools will make their proposals for school fees increments and submit them to the ministry. This depends on their budget and proposed developmental projects to be undertaken by the school.

“So there are some fees structures that can be approved at provincial level while other proposed fees would have to be approved at the ministry head-office. We also want to ensure that the fees are realistic and within reach. We also want to avoid exorbitant fees structures so parents will also have to consent to the proposed school fees,” he said.

Mr Ndoro said the ministry had inspected schools particularly boarding facilities and was impressed with their state of preparedness. He said last year none of the school pupils succumbed to Covid-19 and expressed confidence that the ministry will combat the pandemic in schools as they open next week.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education last week announced the schools’ calendar for 2021 which will see the holidays being reduced to three weeks to enable all the three terms to fit into the calendar year. Schools are expected to revert to the normal calendar next year. Sunday News


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