Thursday, 25 March 2021


A prophetess from Johanne Masowe eChishanu apostolic sect who operated a birth camp at her house in Manhenga area, Mashonaland Central, has been summoned to Chief Masembura’s court after failing to help a mother deliver twins resulting in her death.

Nyarai Chibati, also known as Madzimai Jennifer, operates the birth camp approximately 100 metres from Manhenga Clinic.  

She told the chief’s court that she was not trained in providing pre and post-natal services but helping with delivery babies was a gift she received in church.

Mashonaland police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the incident which happened on March 17.

He said the deceased, Modesta Manhenzva (44) suffered complications during the delivery of the twins leading to her death. A post mortem conducted by Dr Kudzai Chimedza at Bindura Hospital indicates that she died because of a ruptured uterus and severe primary haemorrhage.

Speaking at the chief’s court, Madzimai Jennifer told the court that she managed one baby was delivered and the other one remained in the womb until the following day.  

“The woman came from Norton to my house seeking assistance with her pregnancy. I attend the same church with her relatives. After praying for her she asked to stay and deliver at my house,” she said.

“She told me that she was given a prophecy that if she sought healthcare service at the hospital, she was going to deliver through a caesarean section and die together with the babies. She pleaded with me to assist as I was assisting others.

“She gave birth to the first twin baby and the other baby came out the following day. She thanked me for helping her. I cooked for her and after eating we started having general talk. In the middle of the night, I woke up and she was not breathing well.

“I woke her up and in a faint voice she said she wanted to rest. I advised her relative and after a short period she passed on.” Madzimai Jenifer said the police were advised and they came to collect the body.

Chief Masembura said pre and post-natal services were only provided at clinics and hospitals and he had since banned delivery of babies in bush camps or homes to curb maternal mortality.

“We stopped all traditional birth attendants who eschew modern healthcare in villages and have told them to send all pregnant women to clinics to save lives.  

Delivery of twins is complicated and it is not possible that one child is born today and the other remains in the womb and is delivered the following day,” said Chief Masembura.

“This woman needed urgent medical attention and you failed to take her to a clinic which was approximately 100 metres away. Stop this practice of delivering babies and let nurses and doctors who are trained for that job do their work.” Herald


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