Tuesday, 23 March 2021


WORKERS in the public service have been challenged to adopt a paradigm shift and execute their duties diligently with a desire to prosper the country as opposed to the old mentality of working under supervision.

Health and Child Care Deputy Minister Dr John Mangwiro, who has been in Victoria Falls since last weekend, said the Second Republic will not tolerate a lackadaisical approach to duty as he called for a change in work ethic.

This comes in the background of some workers complaining about incapacitation and lack of motivation to do their duty.

Dr Mangwiro toured health facilities in Victoria Falls where he expressed disappointment at lack of commitment in taking care of Government property as well of lack of cleanliness at some of the health centres.

He did not mince his words as he chastised staff at Chinotimba Clinic and Victoria Falls Hospital over dirty premises.

Dr Mangwiro implored the Victoria Falls City Council to play its part and complement Government efforts as he challenged public workers to move away from the mentality of claiming to be under-resourced when some duties like cleaning premises do not need much financial resources.

At Victoria Falls Hospital, Dr Mangwiro who was accompanied by chief director curative services in the ministry, Dr Maxwell Hove, Victoria Falls Mayor Councillor Somveli Dlamini and other stakeholders, took more than four hours, breaking for lunch and returning again in the afternoon, to tour the hospital as he entered every room to inspect.

He was not impressed by dusty walls, cobweb infested roofs and ceilings, malfunctioning water taps and toilets and took workers to task demanding an explanation on why they were not cleaning the hospital premises.

Dr Mangwiro reiterated that Government will not hesitate to relieve under-performing workers and replace them with committed employees who can help the country achieve its vision for an upper middle-income economy by year 2030.

“I am not happy about lack of cleanliness. We can’t keep facilities dirty and expect that the head office will come and clean for us. We need to change our work ethic and attitude and the way of doing things and we need to act now because as Government we are not going to tolerate anyone who pulls down or backwards efforts being made towards better service delivery and development of the country,” said Dr Mangwiro.

He repeated the words to all stakeholders who attended respective meetings that were held in preparation for the vaccination week that started on Monday. He challenged health workers to have empathy and strive for the best in the profession.

“We need to change our attitude as workers and healthcare givers. We are saying so because as Government we realised how people were affected by Covid-19,” said Dr Mangwiro.

He was generally impressed by the standard maintained at the Zimbabwe Aids Project (ZAP) Clinic housed at Beat Aids in Mkhosana and ZRP Clinic located within Victoria Falls Police Station where he commended the nurse, Inspector Diana Masara for cleanliness.

Dr Mangwiro praised general cleanliness of the city saying it gives confidence that there cannot be any outbreak of cholera and typhoid diseases.

He appealed to the local authority to complement Government in cushioning its workers by availing housing stands for them so that they feel obliged to serve their communities.

Victoria Falls Mayor Councillor Somveli Dlamini said the council was ready to support Government.  Chronicle


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