Monday, 15 March 2021


 Four days after her death, former Studio 263 actress Anne Nhira’s autopsy results are to be revealed today, possibly ending the mystery of her sudden death, her father said yesterday.

The death of the talented actress caused a lot of speculation, especially on how she was mugged, with some stating she was mugged while coming from a prayer session, while others said she had refused to hand over her valuables.

The autopsy results were delayed because it was a weekend and there were some investigations being done, a close family source told The Herald.

Anne, who was mugged last Monday afternoon in Bedford View, South Africa, suffered injuries on her chest area, rib cage and back. She died on Thursday last week. She was 38.

Anne’s father, Mr Charles Nhira said the post-mortem was done over the weekend and they were awaiting the results.

“I have not been told anything yet of what really happened and I am anxiously waiting for that news,” he said. “My boys (sons) in South Africa know much on what to do and that is what I am waiting for.”

Mr Nhira said after the post-mortem results, they will then work out a plan on how best to bring Anne’s body to Zimbabwe for burial.

“We do not have the date yet of when she can be buried as you know she is far away and it needs planning,” he said.

“It is just a painful and sorrow state as we speak now. I just want to know the truth about my daughter. By tomorrow (today) I will have the full information after we have discussed as a family.

“All the speculation that there are some people assisting us, I have never heard of anything yet. We are only waiting for post-mortem results.”

Mr Nhira said mourners were gathered at his house in Manyame Park under the Covid-19 regulations and restrictions, which allow 30 mourners.

“We are also strict on the mourners as you are aware that we have a limited number of who should attend the funeral,” he said. “Right now we only have close family members and some are coming, pay their respects and leave. I have not seen any actors yet here.”

Anne’s brother Juan, who is in South Africa, said: “I will try my best to answer most questions, but not all your questions. We are not going to concentrate on the attack, but rather the life she led, her success, dreams and future plans. She achieved too much for her last memory. We want to celebrate her life.”

Meanwhile, an organisation dubbed Masuwc issued a statement over the funeral update of the actress.

“We are really overwhelmed and humbled by all the support that we are receiving and we are grateful for the continued support,” said the organisation.

“We take solace in seeing that Anne may have been one of our own, but she belonged to the world as reflected by the support we are getting from all over the world.

“Arrangements are being made to process relevant travel and regulatory documents to necessitate her transportation back to Zimbabwe. Further details will be communicated.

“This a very trying time for all of us as friends and family to the late Anne ‘Vimbai’ Nhira. We are appealing to the media and to allow the family to mourn and grieve her passing and refrain from writing malicious statements that are far from truth.

“The family has appointed a spokesperson and we will not be directly engaging media or taking interviews. We thank you once again for the continued support and are forever grateful for the love you have for ‘Vimbai’.” Herald


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