Tuesday, 23 March 2021


A Harare policeman, accused of neglecting his family, has been ordered to pay $11 000 monthly for the upkeep of his four children staying with his estranged wife.

Mr Simon Ndoro, who told the court he was a policeman, separated with his wife Ms Lydia Chinya. Ms Chinya then approached the Harare Civil Court last week claiming $20 000 monthly maintenance.

Mr Ndoro successfully argued that the claim was too high before magistrate Ms Nyasha Miti slashed the figure to $11 000. Ms Chinya told the court that her husband was neglecting the children.

She said Mr Ndoro was a police officer, earning “a lot of money’” but was failing to fend for the family.

“I want $20 000 for our four children aged 12, 8, 4 and 3. I am not employed and have no source of income. Simon is a police officer who gets a lot of money but I do not know his income.

“I also do not know if he has another wife or children out of wedlock,” she said. Mr Ndoro offered $10 000 saying they were living together and there was no way he can give her more money since he was responsible for the family’s day-to- day needs.

“I can only give her $10 000 because I earn $27 800. I have another wife and other three children who are under my care.

“I also pay $1 100 every month as rent and $1 500 for food every month. When I am not with her, I will be at work but we stay together. Her problem is that she just wants to be given money every time.”

Ms Chinya refused the $10 000 offered by her husband saying it was not enough as their children were preparing to go to school. She told the court that her husband had the capacity to pay the money she wanted.

However, the magistrate ruled that $11 000 would be appropriate after considering arguments raised by the parties.  Payment must start on March 31. Herald


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