Tuesday, 23 March 2021


A POLYGAMOUS businessman caught his second wife accommodating another man at their matrimonial flat in Mabelreign last Sunday following a midnight visit.

Itayi Wafawarova left his first wife at their Glen Lorne house around midnight, drove to his second wife’s flat, but ended up at Mabelreign Police Station.

He found his second wife Patience Musabayana (42) accommodating another man in their matrimonial bedroom. A video footage of the incident was recorded.

Musabayana refused to disembark from her lover’s vehicle upon their arrival at Mabelreign Police Station and police had to use minimum force to bring her in. Her lover refused to identify himself even to the police.

Musabayana confirmed the incident, saying she was not yet in a position to give her side of the story.

“It is true that I was caught with another man, but I have nothing much to say about the incident for  now,” said Patience.

Wafawarova told H-Metro that he sought the help of police officers to confront Musabayana’s lover after he observed him getting into his apartment until the bedroom lights were switched off.

“I got angry when I witnessed what happened that night that decided to engage law enforcement agents to avoid mishaps that could have unfolded,” said Wafawarova.

“After the switching off of bedroom lights I was sure that the lover was retiring to bed with my wife and I drove to Mabelreign Police Station for assistance. We arrived and my wife was shocked to learn that I was in the company of police

officers and they were led to the station where we received counselling. “What irked me most was to learn that all these shenanigans were being witnessed by my children and I wonder what lesson she was teaching them.

“I have been at logger heads with her unaware that she was after pushing me out of the house to accommodate her lover, who  drives these latest big wheels,” said Wafawarova. H Metro


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