Monday, 1 February 2021


A ZHOMBE artisanal miner was stoned to death by a mob of fellow artisanal miners last week after he allegedly took their gold ore by force

The now deceased who was identified as Regi Moyo or Sampongo of Madzvairo area under Chief Gwesela was a well-known ‘mbimbo’ in the area but he however met his match on Monday night after a mob of artisanal miners decided to fight back resulting in his untimely demise.

Speaking to H-Metro a source in Zhombe under Chief Gwesela’s jurisdiction said the now deceased was reportedly killed near Zhombe river as he was trying to escape from a mob of artisanal miners who were angrily running after him for taking away their ore.

“Regi or Sampongo as he was commonly known was a well-known Mbimbo who used force to take away other artisanal miners’ gold ore and belongings.

“Just this Monday he went to Getsi Park mine after hearing of a gold rush there so as usual he allegedly started using force to take away other people’s gold ore and they watched him until they got frustrated and decided to fight him.

“They gathered around him and started beating him up with all sorts of weapons, he tried to fight back but he then realised that he was being overpowered and he decided to escape.

“The mob ran after him and caught him by Zhombe river where they stoned him to death as he was already weak and injured from the initial attack,” said the source.

When contacted for comment, Chief Wait Gwesela confirmed the incident. The Chief said such acts of barbarism is a first of its kind in his area as he does not tolerate such kind of behaviour which usually attracts hefty fines in his traditional court.

“It is true that one Regi was reportedly murdered by his fellow miners this week. This gruesome act is a first of its kind in my area because my people know that I do not tolerate such kind of barbarism.

“This kind of behaviour results in the punishment of both the parent of the perpetrator and the perpetrator himself. I have personally ruled that if anyone is found in possession of a machete or those dangerous weapons in his house he will be punished.

“If not because of this lockdown I should have called for a meeting with my people and warn them against this behaviour. I usually hear about such stories happening in my neighbouring areas but not under my jurisdiction,” he said.

Midlands Province Zimbabwe Republic Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said he is yet to receive such a report from Kwekwe office.

“From the mails I received today I did not see that report so I will wait for the report from Kwekwe office, ” he said.

According to some unconfirmed reports, the deceased was buried on Saturday at his homestead in Zhombe after the suspects who were not named paid six cattle as compensation. H Metro


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