Tuesday, 23 February 2021


A SELF-STYLED prophet and police officer has allegedly been blocking his ex from seeing their child for more than a decade arguing that she dumped the child on him.

Madzibaba Bright Chinembiri (52), who is also a police inspector, is at loggerheads with his ex, Josephine Chikanga (42) over their child. Chikanga accuses Madzibaba of using his spiritual powers and law enforcing muscle to block her from seeing her child.

Madzibaba Chinembiri argued that Chikanga caused a scene at his workplace and later dumped the child in his vehicle when the child was three-years-old. The child is now 15 and is still to acquire a birth certificate due to the parents’ differences.

Chikanga told H-Metro that her wishes were to ascertain that the child is still alive, saying Madzibaba Chinembiri is a guardian of law who has been abusing her rights and those of the child.

“I never stayed with Madzibaba Chinembiri as my husband because he lured me into sex when I met him at his shrine in Mayambara Village in Seke,” said Chikanga. “My father was sick and I had visited the shrine to receive prayers from Madzibaba Chinembiri.

“He developed interest in me more than praying for my father and I gave him a landline number since I was staying with a relative in Egypt, Highfield.

“Madzibaba came to our house and drove me to Hopley where he lured me into having sex that bore this child.

“He never helped with baby preparation or maternity clothes and that forced me to visit his workplace at PGHQ where I made noise about his irresponsibility.

“He threatened to take me behind bars for some time and on the day I last saw my child, he forced me out of his car and went away with the child in 2008.

“I never saw my child again. He vowed that I would never see the child in this life and I do not know if the child is still alive. “Zvinoreva here kuti haana shungu yekutoresa mwana birth certificate?

“At one time I heard that he had been assigned to a peace keeping mission outside the country and he returned and he is now threatening me with unspecified action and has blocked my contact number,” said Chikanga.

Madzibaba Chinembiri confirmed siring a child with Chikanga and said the child was alive and was under his mother’s custody in the village.

“Chikanga must not portray me as an irresponsible father because she is the one to blame for dumping the child in my vehicle when the child was three-years-old,” said Madzibaba Chinembiri.

“She came to my workplace at PGHQ and caused a scene and I had to take one of my workmates and drove her to Highfield.

“During the discussion, she opened the car door and left the child on the back seat crying, but I never took the issue to the police since I am a police officer.

“Ndakashaya zvekuita kusiirwa mwana mudiki kudaro ndikashaya kuti mudzimai wangu ndainomuti chii uye handaigona kusiya mwana.

“I narrated the issue to my wife and later took the child to my mother at the village where the child is staying right now and going to school.

“He is yet to have a birth certificate paGrade 7 apa akangonyora zvake asina asi parizvino ndichaedza kuti ndimutorese birth certificate nekuti Form 4 hainyoreke asina.

“She has been calling me; I never blocked her contact as alleged and I shall arrange with my wife and relatives and find ways to allow the child to meet the mother.

“It is very unfair for her to expose me to the Press when she is the one who dumped the child at infancy only to look for the child now,” said Madzibaba Chinembiri. H Metro



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