Tuesday, 23 February 2021



Commuters from Chitungwiza were stranded earlier today after the only public transport operator Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) rejected fare payments in cash.

Workers, particularly from Unit O, were left stranded as most of them had no tap cards, with ZUPCO staff choosing to return to the city with empty seats than accept cash.

Some of the drivers used their tap cards to pay for passengers but would charge a premium. Zupco buses charge $45 for a single trip to or from the city and for a passenger without a tap card, drivers were charging $60.

Commuters slammed the bus operator for this move and called Government to urgently look into the issue.

“They just wake up and say we are not taking cash. What is surprising is that we topped up our tap cards but most of the times these conductors would come without tap card machines, the day that they bring the tap card machines, they will tell you your card has expired and to renew it and I have to pay again.

“It seems these guys are doing it deliberately just to make profit. How can my tap card expire yet their conductors are always without tap card machines,” said a Chitungwiza resident who refused to be named. Herald


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