Thursday, 4 February 2021


THERE was  drama in Kuwadzana on Monday when a married woman was stripped, assaulted and forced to drink sewage by three women who accused her of dating a married mechanic.

The woman only identified as Mai Anesu was confronted by one Mai Gatsi over love messages she discovered in her husband Gatsi’s mobile phone. Mai Gatsi was accompanied by two women believed to have been hired to deal with Mai Anesu.

H-Metro heard that she was stripped, forced to lie down and was forced to open her legs where the three scratched her private parts with a toilet brush, punched her and forced her to drink sewer water.

The incident took place at House 5964 in Kuwadzana 5 where she lives as a tenant in the sight of her two-year-old child while her husband was at work. Mai Anesu confirmed the incident saying the case is now being handled by police.

“It is true that I was attacked by three women accusing me of dating one of the women’s husbands who is a mechanic at our shopping centre,” said Mai Anesu.

“I took the matter to police because I was seriously injured that I am nursing bruises suffered from the attack and they forced me to drink sewage from the toilet.

“My legs are still in pain and I am receiving medication. They accused me of cheating with Gatsi and I am yet to return to my house following the incident because the humiliation attracted a crowd calling me names.

“Please do not further harm me by publishing the story. I can give you Gatsi’s contact number and seek his permission to publish the story first,” said Mai Anesu.

Mai Gatsi and her two hired women were arrested over the assault and the case is being handled at Kuwadzana police station.

The three could not be reached to give their side of the story and they are expected to appear in court today.

Gatsi confirmed the incident saying Mai Gatsi stole his mobile phone and quickly suspected his illicit affair with Mai Anesu leading to the attack.

“Ndakangonzwawo kuti madam vaenda nemadzimai two vakanorwisa amai ava vakavakuvadza saka kwamirirwa medical report nekuti nyaya yacho yavemukati memapurisa,” said Gatsi.

“I cannot say much since the case is now being handled by police but I was informed that the woman was not seriously injured as reported,” said Gatsi. However, an impeccable source close to Mai Anesu said her illicit affair with Gatsi started in 2019.

“Gatsi has been in love with mia Anesu since 2019 zvekuti dai varimiti pangadai pakatoberekwa michero yakati kuti,” said the source. H Metro


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