Friday, 29 January 2021


Dr Ruwende

Covid-19 deaths are painful in that a life is lost in days even hours duration of sickness. People who are succumbing to Covid-19 fall in the "at risk of severe disease" group meaning the deaths are not coming as surprises. Since we know the group at risk of dying from Covid-19, we can do something to at least minimize the deaths. The group must protect themselves and those who don't fall in the group must also protect this vulnerable group. It's easy to say, "it's 2% of Covid-19 patients dying of the disease" but to their loved ones and family its their 100%.

If you are 1) obese or overweight 2) a male 3) above 60 years 4) you have chronic or underlying diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension you are at higher risk of developing severe Covid-19 which increases chances of succumbing to the disease than others.

If you fall under this group then, you can avoid being infected with Covid-19 (which is the only way to avoiding dying from the virus) by: staying away from everyone else, in situations where not possible then always maintain 2 meters with your mask on. However if you are in your own dedicated room then there will be no need to put on mask.

If you are NOT in this group, you are still responsible to make sure the above vulnerable group doesn't get exposed hence need to stay home unless when critical need to leave home arises, that way you minimize risk of bringing the virus home. Children usually don't develop symptoms but they can bring the virus to the above group therefore they too must stay at home. Abnormal situations calls for abnormal solutions. Actively make sure this group stays 2 meters away from you, wear a mask when at least visiting them or when within their space still maintaining the distance. For now, you getting close to them doesn't define love, otherwise you risk losing them.

If you test positive or develop Covid-19 symptoms, please separate yourself from this group the best you can, at least 2 meters distance with your mask on and PROPERLY ON. Make sure your isolation room is well ventilated same should be with shared spaces like bathroom, by opening windows and avoid artificial ventilation- aircon.

Let's help the vulnerable group to save their lives, they are doing their best to protect themselves, they deserve our maximum cooperation and support.

I wish you good Health and Longevity in 2021 and beyond. He was writing on Facebook


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