Friday, 15 January 2021


A BULAWAYO businessman and philanthropist was murdered by suspected robbers who then ransacked his house and got away with about US$12 000 and two gold watches.

The murder of Mr Bevan Peters (70) of Bellevue suburb who ran Peter’s Bargain Centre in Bulawayo, was only discovered on Tuesday afternoon and his hands and legs were tied with a rope.

Neighbours told The Chronicle that Mr Peters used to take care of old people in the area by paying their bills and sometimes throwing parties for them during holidays.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the murder and said investigations were underway.

“The police are investigating a case of a suspected murder of a 70-year-old Bulawayo businessman, Mr Peters who was found dead in his house on Tuesday afternoon,” said Insp Ncube

Mr Peters’ son is said to have called an unnamed friend to check on his father since he was not picking calls.

A neighbour who spoke to the Chronicle news crew on condition of anonymity on Thursday said the friend found Mr Peters dead.

He was facing upwards, blood was oozing from one side of the head and his legs and hands were tied with a rope.

The neighbours made a report to the police who took the body to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) mortuary for post-mortem.

Mr Vincent Khumalo a domestic worker and working for Mr Peters’ neighbour, said Mr Peters was a good and generous man who was taking care of the underprivileged in the suburb.

He said he did not see Mr Peters taking his morning walk on the day he was found dead.

“The old man used to take a walk every morning but on Tuesday we did not see him and we later learnt he was found dead in his house, “said Mr Khumalo.

Another neighbour who only identified himself as Mr Taznim expressed deep shock at the death of the old man.

Mr Taznim said they suspected the former maid could be involved in her former boss’ murder after she stole some money from him.

Up until his death, Mr Peters is said to have been fighting for a stiffer sentence for the maid who was sentenced to do community service for the theft.

He said Mr Peters used to pay bills for the elderly in the suburb and used to also throw parties for them.

“We have lost a humanitarian here, he used to pay all our bills as old people and during holidays he used to throw parties for us,” said Mr Taznim. Chronicle


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