Monday, 25 January 2021


Incessant and heavy rains being experienced countrywide have seen five adults in Makonde district being hospitalised after being struck by lighting while a trail of destruction on infrastructure has also been reported.

Although Tropical Eloise did not have any impact on the district, the area is currently counting the distraction its loss caused by the heavy rains.

Extensive damage to infrastructure among them electricity poles, bridges, roads, and classroom blocks has been witnessed.

Makonde district development coordinator and civil protection unit chairperson, Mr Benjamin Zivanai said some prospects of good harvests had since diminished after crops were destroyed as large tracts of farmland were flooded leaving gullies, rivulets and large deposits of silt.

“Gudubu Clinic, and Two Tree Angwa Bridges in Ward 3 were partially destroyed by the incessant rains while five individuals were struck by lightning at River Range business centre in Ward 5. One was fatally struck. A schoolgirl in Ward 13 was hospitalised after having been struck by lightning.

“The rains also left trail of destruction in Ward 6 and the Alaska-Copper Queen Road under upgrade in Ward 8 being destroyed,” he said.

He said most bridges in the district were partially or extensively damaged by the rains while infrastructure including school blocks and tobacco bans were also destroyed.

“We have however, proactive councillors and communities who have been working to rehabilitate some of the destroyed infrastructure. Some of the councillors have partnered the council to transport cement to help rehabilitate some of the infrastructure.”

Some people in the district who farm on fertile islands along Mupfure River that passes through Wards 14, 15 and 16 were being marooned as a result of sudden floods.

Mr Zivanai said there was need for council and other departments involved in road rehabilitation to also focus on bridge maintenance. He warned communities to be wary of impeding disasters that were part of this rainy season pattern. Herald


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