Monday, 18 January 2021


MORE than 50 people who funded for their repatriation from South Africa arrived yesterday amidst failure to observe Covid-19 regulations. H-Metro witnessed the arrival at High Glen Road Port where there was no observance of social distancing as well as adherence to other measures.

Although most of them had their face masks up, their relatives and some who were receiving groceries failed to observe social distancing. ­

There was commotion and it took more than two hours for the returnees to leave the port ahead of the 3pm close of business time as bus crews delayed in distributing parcels to their respective recipients.

High Glen Port manager Joshua Machekera confirmed the delay saying the buses had to undergo all Covid-19 restriction processes at police check points forcing the crew not to be on time.

“As road port authorities we are observing Covid-19 regulations and we complied with government directive to close for 30 days,” said Machekera.

“Today we opened for the arrival of the self-funded repatriation Zimbabweans from South Africa who arrived just after 2pm.

“Our bus crew has been facing challenges in clearing the arrivals and those who are collecting their parcels and this caused the delay to close the port in time for the 3pm close of business deadline.

“­The bus was delayed from the border and on the way due to Covid-19 guidelines needed for them to undergo and pass through all the check points.

“­They arrived safely and we have allowed all of them to leave the port to their respective homes for safety and to join the nation in observing national lockdown restrictions,” said Machekera.

Pirate taxi drivers and trolley operators recorded brisk business forcing a number of people to gather at the port, a situation not expected considering the spike in positive Covid-19 cases and deaths. H Metro


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