Sunday, 24 January 2021


Chief Charumbira
Former senator and Chief Marozva of Bikita, Mr Joseph Mudhe, has died from suspected Covid-19 related complications.

Chief Marozva died yesterday at his homestead at Marozva village, near Bikita Minerals, having been unwell for several days. Chiefs’ Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira confirmed his death.

“Yes, he passed on this morning (Sunday) at his homestead after being unwell for the past few days,” said Chief Charumbira. “As Masvingo chiefs, we have lost an enlightened and sharp colleague who was not easily intimidated.

“He worked tirelessly for development in Masvingo and the nation at large.”

Chief Charumbira described Chief Marozva, who also had a stint in the chiefs’ council, as a dedicated farmer who was committed to using local resources to engender socio-economic development.

A fierce proponent on community development in Bikita, Chief Marozva will be fondly remembered for being a firm believer in true efficacy of Government’s community share ownership schemes.

He will be remembered for being at the forefront of pushing Zimbabwe’s sole lithium miner, Bikita Minerals, to finance empowerment projects in the district.

As a result, Bikita Minerals built Marozva Clinic and financed several projects that transformed lives of the Bikita rural folk. Herald


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