Wednesday, 16 December 2020




🟩The meeting will receive comprehensive reports on the conduct and outcome of the District Coordinating  Committee elections.

🟩Commended election supervisory teams and candidates who ensured the DCC election process was successful and the peaceful and disciplined campaigns.

🟩The dcc structures must unite the Party and act as a springboard for Constitutionalism and strong grassroots mobilisation.

🟩Aggrieved candidates have the right to air grievances but these rights must be exercised within the framework of the Party Constitution.

🟩Therefore members are dissuaded from using the mainline and social media to express their grievances. Doing so amounts to bringing the name of the Party into disrepute.

🟩As the revolutionary Party we take honour in hosting the Museum of the Liberation Struggle and coordinate the efforts  towards advancing the Pan African goal through preservation of our collective liberation and cultural heritage.

Urged war veterans to take a leading role in the project.

🟩Conferment of the Freedom of the City status by Victoria Falls council dominated by the opposition attests that  our call for Unity and oneness among Zimbabweans is taking hold.

🟩My administration launched the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises to support the inclusion of women and youth in the mainstream economy.

🟩In line with the 2nd Republic culture of dialogue, we had the first Annual Indaba of women councillors drawn from all provinces and there is need to increase women in decision making positions.

🟩Approval of amendment to the constitution by cabinet to allow 30 percent quota of women in local authorities is testimony we are a strong democracy.

🟩Applauded women and youth as the vanguard of the Party for their continued resolve and active participation in both Government and Party programmes.

🟩Responsible departments in both Government and Party must scale up efforts to capacitate and empower the respective Provincial and District secretaries.

🟩Promising agricultural season must ensure leadership continues to provide strategic guidance and support to communities for increased production and productivity.

🟩Fight against corruption continues full throttle. As a Party we must remain vigilant at all fronts to eradicate this scourge and social vice.

🟩We must fight against neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism to establish the basis and conditions for economic independence


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