Wednesday, 11 November 2020


CENTRAL Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operative Steven Tserayi, who is facing charges of smuggling and unlawful possession of gold together with Zimbabwe Miners Federation president Henrietta Rushwaya, suspects those in charge of investigations in the case are trying to pin him to the offence.

He told the court yesterday that the CCTV footage at the airport in its original state actually exonerates him from the offence, hence the State’s reliance on manipulated video footage means there is no evidence against him and they should withdraw the charges against him.

“As a person trained in security, he says the police are now relating to an analogue CCTV footage which they know is very easy to manipulate and he suspects they may want to manipulate it to his detriment after destroying the digital CCTV footage which they know is difficult to manipulate,” his lawyer submitted.

He said the State, as has been alluded to by the investigating officer Michael Chibaya, is now relying on a tempered video footage which is not admissible in court. “As the investigation officer says, the footage is manipulated and cannot be admitted in court.

“With such revelation the State has no evidence…they ought to withdraw charges against him. This shows that the State case is weak and he cannot abscond,” he added.

Tserayi further stated that he is safer in the country than outside. “As a CIO operative he appreciates that he might be a marked individual outside the country as enemies of the government might seek to endanger his life.

“He is safer here than anywhere outside this jurisdiction,” his lawyer said. He said with Covid-19 wreaking havoc in other countries, it will be na├»ve for him to leave a safer country to endanger his life.

He added that he is a civil servant and he will not afford a living outside the country. “As a civil servant it is difficult to eke a living in his home country and it will be very difficult to eke a living outside the country as a fugitive.”

His co-accused Raphios Mufandauya and Gift Karanda are expected to file their written closing submissions today.

So far Rushwaya and businessman Ali Mohamad have made their closing submissions. Daily News


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