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Zimbabwe rap king, Mgcini “Cal Vin” Nhliziyo was buried at Lady Stanley Cemetery in Bulawayo yesterday, shortly after thousands had packed the Amphitheatre to say their final goodbyes to him.

It was a celebration more than a funeral for the star. He, indeed, was buried like the king that he was in the City of Kings and Queens, Bulawayo with over 5 000 people commemorating a life that touched everyone.

The message at his funeral was clear — artistes should be appreciated and loved when they are still alive. Cal Vin died last week after he was run over by a car that sped away, just a few metres from his home. He was buried at the cemetery that is reserved for luminaries of Bulawayo for their great work in uplifting the city.

The Amphitheatre was the stage that was set for Cal Vin’s funeral service where Zimbabweans came to pay their last respects to the master of hip-hop.

Among those who gathered were Bulawayo Mayor Solomon Mguni, Bulawayo Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Judith Ncube, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe director Nicholas Moyo and Highlanders Football Club chief executive officer Nhlanhla Dube. Fellow artistes, Sandra Ndebele, Babongile Sikhonjwa, Clive Chigubhu, Ntando Van Moyo, Mudiwa, Walter Wanyanya, Aldrian “Beefy” Harrison, Zima awards chairman Reason Sibanda, Trevor Dongo, Asaph, Lee Mc Honey, Gilmore Tee and Novuyo Seagirl attended the service as well.

The funeral was live-streamed on the CnC live events Facebook page for those who could not make it while a memorial was held in South Africa by fans across the Limpopo.

It was heart-wrenching to see Cal Vin’s mother, Ms Sinikwe Luphahla with grief stricken eyes viewing her son’s body in a casket for the last time. His girlfriend, Michelle Maphosa who was seated next to Cal Vin’s mum was highly emotional as she saw him lifeless. 

Cal Vin’s crew from his Kontrol Tribe record label — Mawiza, Mziztoz Mfana Futhi and Tebza — were all distraught. Their sadness embodied the mood that was in the auditorium. 

Seeing Cal Vin in the casket was not for the faint hearted. The gravity of the wounds on his face were a painful reminder that he suffered immensely when he was run over on that tragic Saturday last week. 

His grandmother, Mrs T Mhlanga said she was soothed by the fact that God will reveal the truth behind the artiste’s death. 

“I’m doing something that’s very abnormal because Cal Vin should be speaking on behalf of me. Sizizwa siphuchiwe, sizizwa sithathelwe igugulethu. There is God in Heaven, one day, the truth behind the mysteries will be out hence justice will prevail at the end of the day,” she said. 

However, the singular message that was on everyone’s lips was it is high time we appreciated our own when they are still around. 

“What have our artistes benefited from the music that they shared in their lifetime? It’s a wakeup call to all of us that we should appreciate artistes when they are alive. I urge promoters not to short-change artistes so that they can leave something behind for their children.

“It’s a pity when I look at Cal Vin’s life that he was still living at home. As a city, we’ve failed to honour or give respect to our artistes by at least giving them a stand so that they are able to leave something for their children,” said Cllr Mguni. 

Representing the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation was the chief director, Dr Benson Dube who said:“Whether it was intentional or not, it’s our desire that justice must be done to the perpetrator. We’ve given the family $50 000 as our contribution to them.” 

A staunch supporter of giants Highlanders Football Club, Cal Vin was given a VIP treatment for his work with the club. 

Mr Dube, the Highlanders Football Club CEO spoke highly of Cal Vin saying he helped them with some of their projects. The crowd broke into song as they sang one of Bosso’s songs that they use to cheer on the team. 

Minister Ncube said the past seven days were bad for Bulawayo due to the deaths the city recorded. 

“First, it was the Mzilikazi boy who was horrifically run over by a bus at Renkini. Cal Vin followed on Sunday and then on Thursday, Sibonisiwe Sithole from Iyasa passed on,” said Minister Ncube.

Many people knew Cal Vin the artiste, but at the funeral, they were introduced to Mgcini. Mgcini according to the various speakers, was a loving, caring, strong-willed, everyone’s favourite and supportive person. 

Those who never got a chance to watch Cal Vin perform live were also treated to one of his performances through music videos which amplified emotions in the auditorium. 

On Saturday, Cal Vin’s body was ferried around the city in a Funeral Services Group (FSG) hearse. His family, fans and fellow artistes among others painted the city red as they bade farewell to one of their own.

The procession started at the FSG offices before proceeding to Fife Street and then Joshua Nkomo Street. It then went to Bellevue before progressing to Nketa 6. Thereafter, the convoy made its way to Munyoro in Nkulumane 10, Sekusile and Bullet shopping centres in Nkulumane 11, Emakhandeni via Masiyephambili to Chigumira then KoMpofu in Luveve 5.

The arrival of the rappers’ body at the procession’s final destination, Luveve 5, was met with much pomp as both the young and old lined the streets. The magnificent convoy, which included top of the range cars like BMWs, slick Mercedes Benz and even Harley Davison motorcycles, created a spectacle around the neighbourhood that the rapper called home.

Dust rose as cars spun in celebration of the larger-than-life personality of the rapper. Chronicle


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