Wednesday, 25 November 2020


The football world is in mourning following the tragic news that Diego Maradona, one of the sport’s legendary players, has died at the age of 60.

Regarded by many as the greatest footballer of all time, Maradona was also one of the game’s most colourful characters. He died from a heart attack less than a month after turning 60.

The Argentinian football legend died at home, his lawyer said, just three weeks after having surgery on a blood clot in his brain. 

Maradona won the World Cup with Argentina in 1986, having knocked England out of the tournament in a match which saw him score the infamous 'Hand of God' goal and another - widely considered to be one of the greatest goals of all time.

Argentina's president Alberto Fernandez decreed three days of mourning following Maradona's death.  

'You took us to the top of the world. You made us immensely happy. You were the greatest of all,' the Argentine leader tweeted. 'Thanks for having existed, Diego. We will miss you for a lifetime.' 

The footballer's family have yet to make any formal comment. Nine ambulances were sent to his house at around midday on Wednesday in the exclusive gated residential neighbourhood of San Andres north of Buenos Aires where Maradona went to live after leaving hospital. 

Local reports said one of the nurses caring for him had raised the alarm after discovering he had suffered a suspected heart attack. None of the paramedics who rushed to the house were able to do anything to save him. 

Argentina's former manager Cesar Luis Menotti said: 'I'm devastated. I can't believe it. I'm absolutely gutted. There's no more I can say at this moment. 

'I thought at first the news of his death was fake news but obviously it's what happened. It's terrible and a tragic surprise because measures had been taken to make sure he was being looked after.'



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