Thursday, 5 November 2020


THE six armed robbers who attacked two security guards delivering Zupco’s weekend cash collections to CBZ Eighth Avenue Branch in Bulawayo, got away with over $2,1 million, US$3 362 and R7 390, police confirmed yesterday.

Only $11 305 was recovered at a disused house at a plot in the Douglasdale area in Bulawayo where the getaway car, a Nissan Hardbody and trunks used by the security company to carry cash were recovered.

The robbers according to police, offered the $11 000 to a Bulawayo resident as they disposed of the trunks but the man refused the money. The robbers intercepted the Fawcett Security cash-in transit- van as it was about to deliver the cash at the bank.

They attacked the Fawcett driver, took away the firearm that was on the dashboard and then turned to the other officer who was guarding the trucks with cash and attacked him before driving off with the armoured van that had cash in trunks. The robbery happened at around 8am in full view of members of the public who were oblivious of the unfolding drama in the service lane along 8th Avenue between Jason Moyo and Joshua Mqabuko Street. After the Bulawayo robbery, the same gang proceeded to Kezi later at night with the hijacked Mercedes Benz where they robbed the Fidelity Printers agent of US$4 000 after masquerading as police officers.

The robbers first hijacked a Marcedes Benz in Selbourne Park at around 7AM and then drove to the CBZ branch where they attacked the two Fawcett security guards before driving away with the armoured cash-in transist van with the cash. They dumped the armoured van and hijacked a Nissan Hardbody in Ilanda suburb which they later abandoned in Douglasdale area with the empty trunks.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday appealed for information that could lead to the arrest of the robbers. Chronicle


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