Wednesday, 25 November 2020


Chikurubi Female Prison has been overpopulated for the past three weeks because it is housing over 30 foreign inmates awaiting deportation.

The foreign inmates as well as mentally challenged inmates have pleaded with authorities to quickly address their issues in the wake of ravaging Covid-19.

Of the 151 inmates recorded yesterday 77 are either on remand, awaiting deportation or mentally challenged.

The mentally challenged are under the mercy of the health board which sits annually to address their issues.

One of the inmates, of Malawian origin, raised concerns to officials representing five companies who toured the prison yesterday to assess the situation and conditions at the institution with a view to meet part of the needs.

“Due to Covid-19 restrictions inmates are not being visited and that is affecting our diet, shortage of food and other personal protection equipment when we as foreigners expected to be taken to our countries,” she said refusing to identify herself.

“About 26 Malawians have been caged here for the past three weeks waiting for immigration officials to process documents for deportation.

“Food is scarce here and we do not see any reason to be counted at the kitchen queuing for food considering that some of the inmates are nursing their babies.

“They deserve enough food to cater for their innocent children accompanying them to serve their sentences,” she said.

The visitors who toured the prison were from Nestle Zimbabwe, ZimTrade, Polylife, Bravo Petroleum and Progil Investments. H Metro


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