Tuesday, 6 October 2020


MUSICIAN Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai Titi, has been ordered to pay  $500 000 defamation damages after labelling Harare businesswoman Memory Muyaka a prostitute and witch in Facebook broadcasts.

In an order delivered by High Court judge Justice Edith Mushore, Musara was also slapped with the costs of the suit.

“After reading documents filed . . . and hearing counsel it is ordered that the defendant pays the plaintiff $500 000 … with interest at the prescribed rate starting from the date of judgment to date of payment in full,” Mushore ordered.

According to court records, between November 17 last year and April 3, Murata — who has over 270 000 followers on Facebook — made several broadcasts on the platform and on Whatsapp about Muyaka, whom she also calls Mai Khloe or Mai Maketeni.

The court heard that Murata labelled Muyaka a prostitute, witch, gossiper and accused her of blackmailing her clients.

The two were friends before they began accusing each other of jealousy, prompting Murata to take her beef against Muyaka to Facebook.

Murata claimed Muyaka belonged to a society called “the illuminati” that is believed to be involved in Satanism. She accused Muyaka of attempting to kill her through illuminati.

“These statements were both wrongful and defamatory of plaintiff (Muyaka) who is a business person and a legally married woman highly regarded in her community,” reads the summons.

“The defendant (Murata) further claimed that the plaintiff had given charms to her husband so that he would not complain or question her when she committed adultery.

“This was false and intended to impute that the plaintiff is an evil person. This statement is wrongful and defamatory of the plaintiff, who is a Christian.” Daily News


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