Thursday, 17 September 2020



WOES continue to mount for Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry, after she was hit with a US$6 000 lawsuit for failing to pay for water supplied to her.

Hesno Holdings, trading as Water To You, cited Marry as a respondent in the summons filed before the High Court and are demanding payment of US$6 055 being the outstanding balance for water supplied to Marry, which she allegedly failed to pay for.

“The plaintiff and the defendant entered into an agreement of sale in terms of which the plaintiff would supply water and get paid in return,” reads the summons.

“The plaintiff is in possession of two detailed invoices of the quantity of water supplied and the total amount which is overdue. The invoices also indicate the dates the water was supplied, the quantity supplied as well as the amounts for each quantity supplied.”

Marry is currently going through an acrimonious divorce with Chiwenga to whom she has lost custody of their minor children.

She also has a pending trial for allegedly assaulting Chiwenga’s housemaid, which has been stalled because of her requests to get medical attention.

Meanwhile, MDC MP for Harare West Joana Mamombe yesterday had a warrant of arrest issued against her cancelled by regional magistrate Bianca Makwande.

Mamombe, on Tuesday defaulted court in a matter she is accused of faking abduction together with Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marowa. Her lawyers said she was admitted at a mental facility since September 4, battling anxiety disorder.

The State had argued that the Harare West MP may not be having mental challenges, saying they were in possession of video footage showing her perfectly transacting in a supermarket on the day she was said to have been admitted in hospital.

Following the developments, the State now wants the parliamentarian to be examined by two government medical doctors to ascertain her mental status.

For the cancellation of the warrant, Mamombe, through her lawyers Alec Muchadehama and Jeremiah Bamu, called her psychiatrist Fungisai Mazhandu, who told the court of her mental condition.

Mazhandu said Mamombe was having an anxiety disorder that makes her lose concentration, racing thoughts and black outs. She said it was impossible for Mamombe to attend court on Tuesday.

The doctor added Mamombe was having sleeping problems and medication had been prescribed, resulting in her experiencing a hangover effect that causes drowsiness.

During the proceedings, the State sought to have the video footage played in court, but the defence objected.

The defence insisted it was in court for a default inquiry and the matter had to be postponed to September 22 to allow the defence time to prepare and view the footage. Daily News


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