Tuesday, 29 September 2020


 CAPS United midfielder Ronald Chitiyo has appeared before the Harare Civil Court for neglecting his minor child.

Chitiyo, popularly known as ‘Rooney’ in the Premier Soccer League, was accused by his girlfriend Ms Eneresi Alfasi of failing to provide for his child while he earns a lot of money through playing soccer.

Ms Alfasi, who was demanding $5 000 for the upkeep of their four-year-old son told magistrate Mrs Nyasha Marufu that Chitiyo earns US$500 and was capable of paying child support.

“I am claiming $5 000 for once child age four. I am a vendor and I make US$20 per month. Ronald is a soccer player for CAPS United and earns a lot of money. We do not stay together but he is failing to take care of his child,” she said.

The Warriors midfielder offered $1 000 saying they have not been receiving salaries for the past three months since the football season was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He told the court that he was earning $3 000 before showing the magistrate his bank statement.

“I am offering $1 000. I am a soccer player and I earn $3 000. We have not been receiving salaries for the past three months because since the beginning of this year we have not been playing soccer so currently I am not earning anything,” Chitiyo said.

He also told the court that he has another child that he is looking after. Mrs Marufu ordered Chitiyo to pay $1 800 for the minor child with effect from September 30.

Chitiyo began his senior career with Douglas Warriors Football Club and he is well known for his dribbling skills and for scoring spectacular goals. Herald


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