Tuesday, 11 August 2020


TWO Airforce of Zimbabwe (AFZ) officers are pleading for their release from detention at Josiah Tungamirai Airbase after they were charged for engaging in an “illicit extra-marital affair” in the camp.
They have been imprisoned since March 11, the High Court heard. Sharon Masuku and Nation Giya were charged with gross misconduct and have been in detention for over 90 days on charges of breaching the Defence Act, but without going to trial.

The duo, who are both married, have cited Airforce Commander Elson Moyo and the Defence ministry as respondents, seeking their immediate release or for the matter to be pursued by summons.

“We were arrested and detained on March 11 at Josiah Tungamirai Airbase on allegations of disgraceful conduct. We have been in detention in excess of 90 days now without trial in gross violation of a number of our constitutional rights,” Masuku said.

“The right to personal liberty, freedom from torture or cruel inhuman or degrading treatment, fair hearing, to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and the right to bail.” 

According to their charge sheet which has been attached to the application for their immediate release, Masuku’s house maid allegedly leaked the affair to superiors, revealing how her boss would allow Giya into her matrimonial bedroom.

A search was subsequently conducted by investigating officers at Masuku’s house and Giya was found in a spare bedroom.

“From a period unknown extending to March 11 Masuku and Giya engaged in an illicit association, both being legally married and well knowing their marriages still subsist, stayed together in the matrimonial house of WS Rwambiwa (Masuku’s husband) from March 7 up to the day they were apprehended, an association which is cruel, indecent and disgraceful,” reads the charge sheet.

Masuku further submitted that their arrest and detention was also in breach of the Defence Act and said she feared for the welfare of her two children who have been in a neighbour’s custody since she was apprehended.

She said there was no guarantee that their trial for gross misconduct would kick off any soon owing to lockdown imposed restrictions.

“When the first applicant was arrested she left her two-year-old and seven-year-old children with a neighbour and it has dawned on her that she will not be released without the intervention of this court,” she added.

“Further the applicants intend to call their key witness who is in South Africa, but because the borders are closed there is no hope that this will be achieved any time soon.” Daily News


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